Soft skills

Soft skills are concerned with behaviour and attitude, unlike hard skills, which are about a person's abilities to perform specific tasks or activities such as using a spreadsheet program on a computer, or operating a forklift.
Here are some soft skills. How do you rate on these? They will not all be required in all jobs, but you’re bound to need some of them in any role.

Strong work ethic
Are you motivated and dedicated to getting the job done? Will you buy in to, and work towards, the organisation’s aims and objectives?

Positive attitude
Are you optimistic and upbeat? Will you be a ray of sunshine or a dark cloud in the workplace?

Good communication skills
Are you both verbally articulate and a good listener? Can you express yourself effectively with colleagues and clients?

Time management abilities
Do you know how to prioritise tasks and work on a number of different projects at once? Can you recognise the difference between urgent tasks and important tasks?

Problem-solving skills
Are you resourceful and able to use your initiative to solve problems? Will you take ownership of problems or leave them for someone else?

Acting as a team player
Will you work well in groups and teams? Will you be cooperative, accepting direction from others when needed, and taking a leadership role yourself when appropriate?

Do you truly believe you can do the job? Will you project a sense of calm and inspire confidence in others? Will you have the courage to ask questions that need to be asked and to freely contribute your ideas?

Ability to accept and learn from criticism
Will you be able to handle criticism? Are you open to learning and growing as a person and as a professional?

Are you able to adapt to new situations and challenges? Will you embrace change and be open to new ideas?

Working well under pressure
Can you handle the stress that accompanies deadlines and crises?